Important Information about Lateral Flow Device Service

Important Information about the Lateral Flow Device Service

The NHS offers COVID-19 treatment to people with COVID-19 who are at risk of becoming seriously ill, these high risk patients can obtain free lateral flow tests from pharmacies who have signed up to provide the Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test service. If you are an eligible patient looking for a pharmacy providing this service please check online before visiting or telephoning a pharmacy by:

Searching for a Pharmacy near you via 

  • Select a pharmacy you would like to attend and click "Treatments and Services" to see if that pharmacy is providing the service.
  • Look for the heading "Screening and Services" if it says "COVID-19 lateral flow tests (eligible patients) then the pharmacy is providing the service.
  • If this is not listed under the heading, go bacj to the list of pharmacies and look for one that does have this service listed.

Published on 8 March 2024